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I’ve been wanting to phrase this post 100 different ways over the past 6 months. Every week, I add this post to my to-do list. I spend Sunday mornings pondering when I will write it and what I’ll say. Sometimes driving home from work I imagine the words with no way to write them down, always knowing that my truth is a simple one: just do something.

I have put off blogging ever since moving home… what was that.. 4 months ago now? Honestly it’s been a tumultuous, busy time. It’s been everything I can do to wake up and go to work and come home and exist, let alone blogging. Let alone laundry or meditation or exercise or cleaning or spending time with humans or animals or anything.

If you’re wondering what I have been doing for four months, it goes a bit something like this:

1. Moved Home
I made it back to Colorado, unpacked my belongings in my boyfriend’s home, saw a few friends and genuinely enjoyed my first weeks back. After those initial few weeks, mounting pressure to find a job and take my next steps in life set some strong anxiety into my psyche.

2. Hawaii
We went on a two-week trip to Hawaii to spend a chunk of time together. Since the 3rd month of our relationship, Michael and I didn’t get to spend more than a week together at a time. Hawaii was lovely, even despite my fears of an ever-lowering bank account.

3. New Job
Thankfully I found a new job just two weeks after being home from Hawaii, but it’s been a whirlwind ever since. I’ve officially been in my new job for 2 months and I feel like things are starting to level out a little, but I still have a lot of work to do on balancing my home life and my work life and finding some peace in what has turned out to be a rather chaotic workplace.

I also notably turned 27, became an aunt again, am buying a house this Friday and traveling to Paris in 2 weeks. My head has been spinning, but I do promise I am coming back to my little sanctuary of a space despite abandoning it perhaps when I have needed it the most.

Be patient with me. I’m going to be patient with me.

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