50 things I am thankful for this year (in no order, total stream of consciousness)

I, Rachel Ridings, am thankful for…

1. Snoopy doo, my best friend in the world… Who happens to be a shih-tzu
2. getting through this time
3. Jeffy Weffy, my boyfriend and best friend and rock
4. heated blankets
5. my brothers
6. my job
7. the mountains
8. my mom
9. the ability to financially support myself
10. the few early mornings I managed to get up for this year
11. lists… I couldn’t live without lists.
12. fluffy scarves
13. my friends. all of them.
14. food (where do I begin?)
15. my boyfriends family and their love for me
16. beer and breweries and beer tasting
17. pie baking contests
18. my therapist, Donna
19. cuddles
20. the feeling of wind on my face
21. my new iPad
22. the garden I once had (that only had broccoli in it)
23. Pinterest
24. my nephew
25. Burt’s Bees Chapstick
26. water, cold water, i love it
27. the smell of wood on Jeff’s clothes
28. bike rides to work when it’s warm out
29. good conversation
30. Colorado in general
31. the times when I can’t stop laughing (I’ve had so many this year)
32. brianna’s blog, one of my biggest inspirations
33. christmas lights
34. this blog and the motivation it gives me
35. my one cozy sweater
36. almoooost paying off my car
37. changes in weather and seasons
38. my pursuit of minimalism
39. bad teen drama television (seriously, i am so thankful for this)
40. meals with friends new and old this year
41. instagram and the community I have made there
42. pine trees
43. Jeff’s beard
44. my travels
45. iMessage
46. Apple TV
47. sweet foods
48. my body and all it’s imperfections
49. My tiny and cozy apartment
50. For anyone who read this!

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2 comments on “turkey”

  1. What a gorgeous collections of things – and people! – to be thankful for, Rachel. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and here’s to the rest of your weekend going swimmingly!

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