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the kinfolk life

We have a lot to live up to as humans. The competition of life is healthy – it’s what makes us persevere and grow individually and on a global scale. It can be a lot to handle though, especially when you’re a young 20 something. It seems like everyone is always doing something bigger and better than what we’re doing. I see people on Facebook who have great jobs, great vacations, beautiful homes, beautiful marriages. What do I have?

I sit and look at my little collection of Kinfolk Magazines and now my beautiful Kinfolk Cookbook and repeat the question in my mind. What do I have? I’ll tell you a few things I don’t have:

– A big reclaimed wood table in my big backyard
– Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup
– Umeboshi Plums
– Urfa Chile, Fig Trees or a super cute basket on my bike
– A really nice camera with some good lenses
– The patience to poach eggs
– Space to dine with my friends
– Money to afford wine

The list goes on, but my conclusion remains the same, I don’t have a Kinfolk Life. I wish I did, sometimes. I wish I had a garden with grape vines growing over my fence. I wish I had a group of friends who all look like models that I could make flowered crowns for. We would all eat at my exceptionally large outdoor table with candles and homemade photo backdrops and pine garland and everyone would compliment my smoked salmon.

Maybe it’s something to strive for. Maybe not. The other day at coffee, one of my fellow blogger friends said, “If I hear the word curated one more time I’m gonna…” and threw in a few mild expletives about how life just isn’t like that. She’s totally right… But I wonder if there isn’t some balance (I’m a libra, it’s what I always wonder) between being “real” and being “curated”. Perhaps Kinfolk is a tad silly – I mean, who really has this time and energy to live such a selectively beautiful life. My furniture is all hand-me-downs and I have green tile backsplash in my kitchen because my landlord has a great sense of humor. Every time I look at a Kinfolk Magazine though, I can’t help but feel inspired. I want to pick nicer things, unique things, to inhabit my life. I want to remember that less really is more. I want to create special times for my friends. I want to do all of that stuff without having a mental breakdown in Whole Foods because these plums are just labeled plums and not “Ume..whateverthefuck” and not being embarrassed when I sit down to dinner with flour in my hair at my two-seater cafe table.

It’s so important for us to remember what is real, what we can expect of ourselves and what is a modern minimalist fairytale. Live a distinguished existence, but not at the expense of beauty that cannot be curated, the beauty that is real and happens when you aren’t riding through the forest in your Swedish Hasbeens on your light blue cruiser with a puppy in your basket on your way to an outdoor garden party with string lights and handsome humans. Remember the spark that cannot be contrived from selecting your surroundings.


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  1. This was a lovely post! I found your blog via Kelly of Pink + Lola. I talk about this with my blogger friends often and I really believe in loving the life you have. You can aspire to have more things or different things; but don’t allow those dreams to keep you from enjoying your reality. Yes, I’d love an outdoor garden party and friends who only wear stripes with bangs but reality is, half of my friends don’t read blogs, could care less about my pescetarian diet, and I love them for who they are.

    I believe magazines like Kinfolk are around to show us to appreciate quality. I believe that’s what living a minimal lifestyle is. Despite what you have or how much you have, be ok with the quality of the things you have. Having quality relationships is important! Great blog. :)

  2. Excellent post. I agree Kinfolk is pretty and certainly something that makes you aspire to live that life. But it’s just not real, and not something you can live everyday. At least not me. And that’s actually one of the reasons I don’t buy the magazine (I visit their site from time to time to look at pretty photos). I don’t want to sit and flip through pages of a magazine that make me feel that just because I don’t live like that, I don’t live well.

  3. oh rachel. gah. this was perfect. i love your balance of tongue in cheek with extremely thoughtful observations. in a way, many of us are striving for the “kinfolk life” we just need to be careful to find our own beauty, not strictly what instagram and bloggers and professional event planners are curating (there’s that darn word again!) for us. keep it up.

    also, on that note, dinner date soon?

  4. Lovely post. Came to your blog via Michelle’s(MYCreative). I’ve been feeling a bit of Pinterest/Mollie Makes/Facebook, etc comparison glumness of late – this felt like the pep talk I needed to try and snap out of it! (Also “I have green tile backsplash in my kitchen because my landlord has a great sense of humor” made me smile).

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