The Terrible Twenties No. 004


being other minded

On Being Other Minded

Selflessness, kind-hearted, loving, considerate, benevolent, altruistic: there are many words that describe the idea of being nice, but none mean as much to me as a phrase I learned from my boyfriend, other minded. To be other minded is to think first about others. This concept is literally impossible for human beings most of the time, but it’s a beautiful goal to strive to reach.

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty selfish. I don’t mean it in a negative way, after all , being selfish is merely a human trait that exists to make sure we all survive. I’ve been really wanting things to go my way and not thinking so much about the people I love. I keep thinking “my way or the highway” and not understanding when those close to me lash out or are offended.

I want to try to be more other minded with the people I love. I am going to hold my tongue, think twice about the things I say in text messages and think about things from someone else’s perspective. I respect the people close to me and they deserve to have and experience that respect. Remembering that if you do good, good will come back to you and if you have done your best that’s all you can do is helping me understand and find motivation to put aside my feelings and the things I want in order to lift up those around me and help them find their passions and succeed in the areas they want to succeed in. There’s nothing better than watching the person/people you love experience joy from their successes.


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  1. Rachel, this is beautiful. What an amazing concept, and such a great thing to strive for. It’s important to do ones best and always move forward and not back. It’s one of my years goals, to stay focused and always consider the perspectives of others before replying. My mother always taught me that sometimes it’s best to bite your tongue.

    This is beautiful. And ton amour sounds like a wonderfully inspirational guy.

    And I agree with you. I love seeing those I care about happy and joyful with their success and everyday life events. It’s beautiful.

    Miss you.

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