the best body scrubs


the best body scrubs

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Ah yes, winter in Denver. I get out of the shower in the morning and beg my boyfriend to lather my back in lotion, or I’ll be spending my whole day with dry, taut skin, rubbing my back against the wall like Baloo. Uh, no. Exfoliating is such a vital step in not having itchy dry skin. You’ve gotta get the dead stuff off. Cue list of the best body scrubs ever (or out of the 15 or so I tried last year).

I spent a good deal of last year testing out a bunch of exfoliation products. It was one of my goals to start learning about and investing in skin care. I figured if I started at 23, maybe I won’t be so devastated by the wrinkles I’ll be getting somewhere in the next few years. Maaaaybe I can start postponing now. At the minimum I will know I tried. Wrinkles, guys. Wrinkles.

I actually love every single product I listed. In fact I own 4/6 of them right now. Trying to get rid of those little bumps on the back of your arms? Go for #1. Want something that has many uses and is pretty unexpensive? Go #5. Scaly lips? Go #6. Need something quick, simple and effective? Go #3, and tap your skin dry – don’t get in a robe. Want my absolute favorite thing to use in the shower? Go #4. Seriously though – Lush’s Ocean Salt is the best. I use it before shaving and have never had softer legs. Heaven. Want to smell like a dream for a full day? Go #2.

What do you ladies (or gentlemen) use in the shower? Next up, I’ll talk about some products and showering tips and tricks to stay fresh and beautiful.


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  1. I’m going to Lush this weekend so I’ll have to try out their body scrub. I use some of their other products and love them so I’m sure this won’t disappoint.

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