Soft Spirit Strong


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I just can’t stop growing. Not like I’m trying, but it’s an observation. If I did try, it would probably be some strange form of perspective growth and thusly, I can’t stop growing. I can’t stop changing, mutating, my aesthetic, my hair, my limbs, this place.

I’m not sorry for the new name, but apologies for any confusion. It was simply time. My life is the pursuit for: a soft spirit, a strong body and a meaningful life. For now, this is the better description of me, the indescribable thing.



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  1. No apologies needed – we all have our own lives to lead, and paths to follow; growth is only a natural progression, as it changing one’s mind….I’ve been wanting to do the same for a long time, but I don’t think I’ll ever get around to it (Tori’s Tales is just far too twee, but, never mind!). And confusion…hey…we can all deal with that – a couple of secs of ‘whuuuutt…whoooo…..ohhh!’

    I love the new name – a better description is all we can really hope for our forever-fluid selves.

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