A New Name


The time is so swiftly approaching and I can’t believe it! Bloodstream is officially getting a new name! This is something I have wanted to do for quite some time and you should be able to see the new name this weekend. Don’t fear though, you’ll still be able to find my site and really nothing else is changing except for the name, so just keep your eyes peeled.




I bought the URL bloodstre.am several years ago (like 5?!) from a hosting company in Amsterdam. To say that my relationship with my hosting company is rocky would be a very ridiculous understatement. My site has gone down countless times, about once every three months I pay my hosting fee and their website takes my money and then still shuts my site down, you know, shenanigans.

Also bloodstream just really doesn’t reflect this blog or myself anymore. So I chose something new that is more directly tied to who I am, my journey and what this blog means. I hope you guys like the new name, and bear with me while I change the new logo 1000 times until I get it right.


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2 comments on “A New Name”

  1. I do not blame you for switching host. I use bluehost and thankfully they are awesome, I always recommend them. I always liked bloodstream, but I know the feeling of wanting to move on.

  2. Ah, I totally feel you on the hosting troubles. My website was hosted by a friend in England and to deal with troubleshooting with the time difference definitely tested my patience. I’m loving the set up and aesthetic on SSS so here’s to a fresh start!

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