My Fitness Journey


My fitness journey thus far in my life has been both incredibly long and incredibly short, but I’ll keep it somewhere in the middle here. It started in the 6th grade, which was the year that I first realized my body didn’t look how I wanted it to. I have never been skinny, even as a small child, but when I got into the 6th grade, I started realizing that my body was pretty different from other girls my age. I was a chubby kid who was anything but athletic. A gifted student, musician and artist, I had a lot going for me, but I was never good at sports. I also didn’t come from a family where fitness was a part of our routine or really on our radar and being in the lower class of America, my single mother’s concerns about nutrition were often countered by concerns of affordability. We ate decently well, but not nearly as good as I do now. Recently, my mom has reminded me that back in the early ’90s there just wasn’t as much widespread knowledge about nutrition and we were coming off an era where canned food was a revolution.

By high school it became very apparent to me that I was sort of doomed to just be “the chubbier one”. I’ve never actually been overweight, but I’ve always teetered very close on the BMI index. I tried a few sports off and on, always wondering what was wrong with me. Why couldn’t I lose weight? Why did I get tired so much quicker than everyone else? I know now the answer was probably that I simply needed to stick with it for longer. When I look at my family, particularly the women on both sides, it’s easy to see that fitness would be a struggle for me. I come from a bottom-heavy, curvy bunch of women with relatively low metabolisms.

My fitness journey

In college, I tried various workouts off and on, never for long. I spent a few months running one summer, joined kickboxing for 6 months, tried out crossfit for 3 months, but I never stayed with anything due to discouragement, lack of results, my mental state and of course the expense of being in a gym or program. I’ve always been a size 6. When I was in high school I consistently weighed 130lbs and into college I moved into the 140 range. At 5’4 this is not considered completely unhealthy, but it’s certainly on the high end of the BMI spectrum. Not to mention, I’ve only worn a bikini ONCE. That’s right, I wore a bikini in Hawaii a few years back and that was both the beginning and end of my bikini days.

After college, everything in my body changed. For the first time in my life, I have a roll of fat in my stomach. My arms wiggle and my thighs have so much cellulite and well, let’s just say, shit gets real when you turn 25. Now more than ever in my life I yearn for a body that is presentable in a bikini. I dream of abs. Mostly, I imagine looking in the mirror and being proud of my progress.

my fitness journey

This is where my goal for the month comes in. After finding the Kayla Itsines plan, I was really hesitant to try it, worrying that like so many of the other things out there, it would be a scam. After months and months of watching other people achieve goals, see real results and imrpove their health drastically, I began to contemplate trying out the guide. “What’s the worst that could happen?” I asked myself. The investment is small monetary-wise, the time commitment to working out is something I know I need to do anyway and well, there just isn’t much room for loss. I’m now on week three of the program and it’s been a huge challenge for someone with no real fitness background, but more on that soon.

What’s your fitness journey?


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  1. My fitness journey can be summed up in one photo:

    I was 255 at my heaviest, 157 at my lightest, and am currently at about 183 (trying to get back to 165). I have never found any form of exercise appealing. I just don’t enjoy it.

    My advice:
    – diet is critical. I lost all but around 10 pounds without working out. I did calorie restriction from 235 to 200, then did a combo of low carb and calorie restriction.
    – There’s a saying that’s something like ‘diet to look good in clothes, work out to look good naked.’ I had worked from obese to the middle of the normal BMI, but I had no muscle. So, I still had the flab around the arms and stomach.
    – Get support. Seriously, this is invaluable. A workout partner or an online group. Someone that holds you accountable and motivates you when you don’t feel like doing things.
    – Don’t let a mess up stop you. Sometimes, you need a slice of pizza or four. Have it, then get back to business. It’s a slip, not an all-out failure.

    Good luck!

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