Lost in Translation


Lost in Translation

It’s weird, the more I have going on emotionally, the less I write about what I have going on emotionally. I think a big piece of it is being sensitive to the circumstances and people in my life. I don’t talk about breakups as they happen, I don’t talk about death on the internet until the wound has begun to heal. So in proper fashion, I thought I’d take some time to reflect on a period of my life that happened a while back.

As most of the people who read this blog know, my boyfriend of the past 3 years played keyboard for a famous band. We spent a good deal of time traveling the world together, sleeping in various hotels in strange cities. I spent a lot of time in my room alone because he’d be up early to setup and rehearse and not be done until hours after shows. One time we went on a tour with Frank Ocean in Europe and I stayed abroad for over a month and saw my boyfriend for perhaps a collective 12 hours the whole trip. It was a weird life, that I simultaneously loved and hated. It was hard emotionally, but never have I been so adventurous. That whole time period ignited a passion in me.


Did you ever see the film Lost in Translation? I used to kid around saying I felt a lot like Scarlett Johansson’s character in the film, only I didn’t have a Bill Murray. Looking back, that’s pretty accurate. It’s so easy to romanticize that time in my life in hindsight, but it was so crazy in the moment. Fancy hotels, backstage passes, tour busses, random people who knew my name, seeing the world completely alone, champagne in my room, headphones on in cities where I didn’t know the language. I was so lonely then.

I wouldn’t change a thing about any of it. I feel so lucky to have lived that life and so thankful that someone made a movie that perfectly captures the sentiment of a “cool” life being lived alone. The strange hazy grey of looking out hotel room windows. The feeling of missing your friends. The excitement of relying on yourself.

Are there any movies that encompass certain periods in your life?

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  1. This is so beautiful, and it was an honour to be on the receiving end of you opening up about this period in your life. I didn’t know about your travels before – the life you lived – so it was incredibly interesting to read about here. I spend a lot of my time alone (albeit between the same 4 walls) so I can empathise, in a way, with how you must have felt.

    And no, I can’t say any films do, although some films evoke certain emotions, and take me back to certain moments in my life. One that always does so is The Virgin Suicides – I was 13 (I think) when it came out…it was unusual, for those in the place I grew up, for people to watch indie, and I felt like I’d come across a secret (that made me cool!) with that one. Lux forever.

  2. Lost In Translation is one of my favorite movies. I’ll never forget the treadmill scene with Bill Murray. I went to Seattle once, and I remember sitting in my hotel room, overlooking the city and listening to the soundtrack – just like Johansson.

    In other words, I know where you’re coming from. How travelling the world ignites some sort of yearning – for lack of better words – within us.

    Did I tell you I’m going to Iceland in November to see the Northern Lights? We’ll have to talk about it once I get back.

    Great post, Rachel. Keep thinking, breathing, living. You’re destined for something very special. This, in the very least, I know.


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