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People as inconsistent as me really ought to not carry on blogging. It highlights just how deeply inconsistent I am. I’m an emotional creature, who is quite easily thrown out of balance and when balance is gone (I’m a Libra, for pete’s sake), well all else is a mess. Especially this blog. In an ideal world… well I don’t know. I don’t even know what an ideal world is anymore. I suppose in an ideal world, I would have the time, energy and creativity to blog consistently (dare I say daily).

Anyway, I mentioned that I am moving back across the country this month and truly I am having so much anxiety. I’ll be in a very tiny little home, which my boyfriend currently occupies with all his own stuff. So uh, I need to do some real spring cleaning now. I have been carrying way too many things, for much too long. And I’ve been mentally preparing to live more like a minimalist for years now, so it’s time. I’ve read the minimalism books (well half a book honestly), studied the blogs and reflected pretty deeply on the state of what I own and what I want to own. In fact, I’ve already begun cleaning out my closet. I threw out several trash bags of clothes when I moved here and have been steadily building a pile of several more trash bags worth of items I shouldn’t be keeping. But more on that soon.

My goal for this month is to methodically and diligently clean out my whole house, my car, my closet and my digital life in the next four weeks and let me tell you, I am already several days behind. So… wish me luck!

Oh, I forgot the best part! I’ve been slowly building a guide about spring cleaning for you! It will be published soon, so you can clean along with me.


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