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Goal: Morning Routine

Maybe making a goal should be my goal for last month. Har har. I have definitely been absent from setting goals in the wake of the monstrous tsunami that has been my life and emotional state since May. Sometimes you’ll be going through life, making goals, working hard and then it all changes and you can’t make it to the gym and you can’t save money and pay off debt. Sometimes our lives change so much that we have to focus on really small goals to even just move about. Sometimes a realistic goal is just to get out of bed. That has definitely been me the past few months, but I am glad to report that I am starting to feel more and more like myself again.

So for this month, I really want to focus on something that will give me some stability. I want to rethink my morning routine and transform it into a time of day where I can find myself, find strength, establish peace and quiet my busy mind. If you know me well, then one of the things you probably know about me is that I am grumpy as fux in the morning. I’m just not happy when I wake up, idk why. Getting out of bed is more like a process than a verb and I typically wake up at the last moment, throw on clothes, feed my dog and jet out of the house, only to be about 15 minutes late for work.

Some specific things I want to work on are:
– waking up earlier so I have more time in the AM
– cleaning up my living space
– moving my body
– spending quality time with my pup
– clearing my mind

Any recommendations for me? What are your morning habits? I got some great responses when I reached out via this Instagram. To see more goals, browse here.


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  1. I never realized that you had a blog. I wish I had actually read your instagram bio sooner and therefore discovered this sooner.

    Regarding routines, I’ve found I need them more in the evening when it comes to winding down from the day. I haven’t struggled getting up and going in the morning since college. I don’t need much time to get ready or motivate myself, so I tend to sleep until the lat possible second, but I have noticed that if I happen to wake up earlier and have a ‘soft start’ to the day, I have a better morning. My problem is winding down in the evening and at night. I enjoy some relaxing tea, read, and try to go for a walk. The biggest problem I’ve had is starting an exercise routine. It’s probably a good thing that I can’t apparate, because then I wouldn’t even get the small amount of exercise I do now.

    We should catch up and get tea or coffee sometime! Summer’s made it hard to meet up for the book club and I probably won’t make it until well into fall. I’d love to chat and hear what’s new in your life. :)

  2. I love the comments on the IG post, Rachel – so funny. I am of the oft-elusive, what is known as, early-bird variety; I’d far rather start my day at 6am and go to bed not-too-late because I better function that way (and I’m actually a morning person, so am at my most chipper first thing/before the afternoon). Part of that, most likely, is to do with my illness – I have a joint problem (JHS) that affects pretty much all of me, and means I rarely ever sleep well, so being in bed is far harder than being out of it! As for rituals, or goals? I am dreadful. I’m just not a goal setter. Might be because of my dreadful perfectionism which means if a goal isn’t met I go haywire, so I’d rather not set one (useless)! Yours sound good though, my dear, and all do-able – I hope, a few days on, you’ve managed to see some of them through :)

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