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January just flew. I remember being a kid and hearing adults talk about time flying and not understanding it at all, but I get it now. I so get it. I’m so happy to report that I kicked my January goal’s ASS. I made it to the gym for almost all of my workouts and pushed myself harder than I ever have before in terms of working out. I can’t say that I’ve lost much weight or that my body has changed drastically (YET), but that’s where this month’s goal comes in.

My goal last month was damn hard for me. It’s hard to make time in your schedule for something like working out. It’s hard to spend the money on the gym membership and the gear and whatnot. It’s emotionally hard to just make yourself go. It’s hard to be there doing the workout. It’s hard to live life normally when you spend a good deal of your time in pain. That’s why I am including nutrition as a second goal. Wellness, health and a bikini body is my true goal anyway. I’m just breaking my goals down to make this an achievable thing.

I am going to be brutally honest with both you and myself here, I eat like crap. Actually I only eat like crap 1/2 of the time. The other half I eat pretty darn well. But I get so tired with work and these workouts and freelance work and all of it that half of the week I am like “just give me quick and simple pasta, I can’t think of something to eat and then go to the store and then cook it and anyway my body is craving bullshit for food anyway.” Well those times are a-passing my friends. This month I will be focusing on learning about what to eat to help me achieve my goals, when to eat certain foods, taking a look at the pros and cons of various diets and making some handy things like a meal planner. OH and I will be tracking ALL of my meals. Every last embarrassing one of them. I need some accountability. You can find me on My Fitness Pal under the username Softspiritstrong <3

If there’s one thing I learned from January’s goal, it’s that I can’t rely on motivation. I am only so motivated so often. I have to rely on routine, consistency (my word of the year) and careful planning. I will be bringing all of those things into my food life very soon.

Any recipe ideas for me? I especially need dinners and desserts that won’t destroy all my hard work and will ideally maybe even help with the workouts I’ve been putting in.

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