Goal | 005


goal of the month: wake up early

Okay January was really weird. February has been weird too. I traveled for the better part of both months and honestly when I am traveling so much, my goals start to all kinda look like “keep head above water”. You know? It’s hard to have my mobile office and no kitchen and living out of a suitcase is weirdly taxing. That being said though, I have been getting on my feet emotionally and I definitely started getting my game face on in regard to work and inspiration and projects. What a long road it has been so far, what a long road it will continue to be!

I am not a morning person. I am not ashamed of this fact. My version of morning begins at 9am and with a lot of grumbling and sighing and not a lot of smiles or happiness. SOOOO this month I am getting up at 6am every. single. day. yo. I was so inspired after reading Jessica Comingore’s morning routine that I have decided to make a routine for myself.

In the past, my morning routine looked something like wake up at 8:30, haul ass to work. Not much time for me in there. Lots of time for sleep, heh. Not anymore though! This girl is developing some healthy new habits and making time for myself and being more productive first thing in the AM.

*coffee cup cheers to you*

Mantra: Rise and shine, sleepy eyes.

2 comments on “Goal | 005”

  1. I am trying to develop a better morning routine as well. Waking up a little earlier to enjoy those quiet moments that seem to happen only in the early morning. So far, I stretch, drink a glass of water, put on a pot of coffee and reflect on the tasks that need to be completed that day. Good luck to you!

  2. I’ve red about her morning routine too and I have to say, I don’t know if i’m convinced. Because, yes, it is great to have the feeling that you’ve already accomplished by 9 am, things that took you until 2pm before but then, how is your evening gonna go. You’re gonna be exhausted at 10. And to me, evenings are also so important, it’s the gathering, social moment, cooking diner, taking time to relax. So, yes, I agree about the exercising thing and it’s definitely something that I would like to include in my daily morning routine but waking up at 6 am is not gonna be a part of it.

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