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goal of the month

My goal last month was to start growing my business and get back on track. It was a weird month with the holidays, but it’s starting to look like my efforts paid off! I have a bunch of freelance inquiries and a new partnership that I’m excited to announce in the near future! I didn’t get the dream job I’d talked about, but I’m not giving up on myself. I worked really hard last month, putting in extra hours everywhere I could and staying focused and driven.

It was October when I first wrote down my goals for this year. Pick up my violin, write my novel and work out were a few of the highlights of the coming year. Now it’s a week into January and I’m feeling a little different. Last year was a strange year, where I focused a lot on the people in the life and put my goals on the back burner. I was really focused on relationships and less on what I want for my career and passions, which is totally okay, sometimes you have to work on certain areas of your life and not others.

I want 2014 to be about my passions. I want to leap head first into my goals and dreams and start making things happen. I turn 25 this year, which already has me freaking out and it’s not for another 10 months. I need to put on my big girl pants and get some shit done this year. No messing around. It’s time to get my life on track! SO. My first goal of the month for 2014 is to get my game face on, or in other words, start planning. I want to solidify my goals and dreams for the next 12 months and hit the road running.

I know I want to grow in photography and design, as well as devoting time and energy this year toward living intentionally. I want to own less, work more and feel good. I have a lot to let go of, a lot to get rid of and a lot to work off. I’m really really excited to start honing in on who I am as an adult and shaping my future. It’s a beautiful thing to stand on your own two legs and begin figuring out what you have to offer to this world and the people you love. Who are you? What do you do? What makes you important, special, unique, interesting, beautiful?

Mantra: It’s time.

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