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goal of the month: get work

My goal of November was to get posting to my blog again. I wanted to post regularly (or close to) and did a darn good job of it! My hopes were not only to begin enjoying blogging again, but to get over my issues with perfectionism that I’ve been facing. Trying to post almost every day was so perfect. Not only did I establish a lot with what I wanted to do on my blog content and image wise, but I woke up a little more inspired every single day. Funny how something so small can really help to center you. The great news is that I think I’m definitely in the habit of posting a lot now and don’t intend to give up on my goal, even though I am coming up with a new one this month.

I think that a few months of being really gentle with myself was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. I went through a lot of hardships and changes recently and instead of pushing myself I gave my mind, heart and body some time to heal. No crazy diets, no strict rules, no beating myself up over things not getting done. I slept in, I ate comforting things, I relaxed, I was patient with myself when I was feeling down and I accepted all the love I could get. I feel like I am definitely rising out of the craziness of the past year and finally finding myself again. It’s such a long journey.

This month I want to focus on finding work. I have my eye on a particular dream job (I even have a tiny preliminary interview this week) that would open up a world of opportunities for me. I’m getting my game face on no matter what happens with the dream job or interview. It’s time to buckle down and get some stuff done. I need to start focusing more on my career goals and putting in the hours to make it all happen.

Part of this goal is to wake up earlier every day and get an extra hour or two in for my work day. An extra 10 hours per week equals an extra work week per month and sometimes you just have to put in the extra effort to kickstart the motions that you need to happen. I also want to keep my eye on the prize and start fixing my portfolios, brand myself and buy some new biz cards. The time is now…!

Wish me luck, please. I’m going to need a lot motivation and support to start standing on my own again!

Mantra: There’s no substitute for hard work.

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