Goal | 002


goal of the month: blog more

Who knew that perfectionism might actually be a disadvantage in life? I’m really bad at posting this past year after realizing how perfect I wanted my blog to look. Not to mention I have been rebranding the damn thing for almost a year now and I just keep changing things. Oy vey. It’s honestly just silly.

My goal for November is to do some serious posting. My blog has always been my creative place that kept me going when I wasn’t working in a creative job and I have let it fall by the wayside amidst the psycho nature of being a freelancer.

As a measurable aspect, I’d like to post 5x a week. I’m putting together a little blog schedule of sorts to help me stay on track.

Okay. I didn’t get caught up in much of anything. I got super inspired and then, not. This has been the fashion of my whole year. I wish something could tell me what that means. I guess I still have my work cut out for myself. I’m putting together a comprehensive calendar of catching up for myself too. I’m just doing it. It’s got to be done.

Mantra: Be gentle with yourself, remember you’re only a human.

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