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Libras aren’t known for finishing what they start – or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Honestly though, I need some accountability in my life. That’s why I’m bringing back my little “Goal” series on the blog, where I set a goal every month and then update on it periodically. It keeps me motivated (I get so lost without goals… and lists… and reminders), so I actually do the things I set my mind to.

My goal this month is to play the beautiful cat and mouse game of catch up. Have you ever fallen so extremely behind that you started having stress dreams about getting sucked into your computer and being eaten alive by your programs and having your disk drive spit you out, bone by cleanly sucked bone? Me neither, cough. Let’s just say it’s gotten bad though. I’ve started avoiding my phone and emails just so I don’t have to see the reminders from clients or even worse, myself.

“Don’t put the phone down, Rachel Renae. You MUST edit so & so’s photos. YES NOW!”

That’s right. I’m threatening myself.

So uh, this month I want to catch up… on photo editing, my finances, cleaning my house. It’s a lot. Mostly just photo editing though.

Wish me luck! And if you see me looking a tad too happy and unbusy, give me a slap on the cheek and tell me I’ve got a lofty goal to keep and I’d better get back at it because there aren’t enough hours in the month for my happiness.

Not really.

But really.

3 comments on “Goal | 001”

  1. I wish you the best of luck in catching up this month, Rachel! I hate when I find that I have a lot of catching up to do, but then I also like checking them all off my list when I’m done! I’m loving your blog you have here – thanks so much for stopping by mine – I’m excited to keep following yours! xo


  2. I’m married to a Libra so I have also dealt with the struggles of making sure things get finished! Setting public goals for yourself via your blog is a great way to motivate yourself to stick to it. Not only have you publicly declared your promise to yourself, you have readers who are making sure you stay accountable. Good luck on catching up!

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