Give Thanks


Give Thanks

Thanksgiving posts have become something of a mile-marker with me and this blog. Even in periods of no blogging, I always seem to be able to throw up a post about giving thanks. This year is no exception, here I am.

Two years ago on Thanksgiving, I was struggling pretty hard. My relationship was messy, my family was going through great loss, I didn’t have a job and was scared about everything. It was such a difficult year. Then last year I was so happy at Thanksgiving. My (now ex)boyfriend had just returned from 6 months of touring the world playing music, I was surrounded by friends and family, I was doing good at my new job, I was pretty happy. It was the beginning of what was a pretty good year.

This year is weird. It doesn’t really feel like a holiday or a special day at all, beside the fact that I slept in until 9AM. I did get to go to my first ever Friendsgiving last night though, which definitely helped me get in the holiday spirit.

My life feels like it’s on the brink of epic change and I am feeling exceptionally introverted this Thanksgiving. Contemplating everything, just floating like a leaf in the wind. Truthfully, I feel more like myself this year (my 26th year) than I ever have before, but I feel like I am rounding a corner, like I have not yet arrived at my next check point. My 25th year was definitely a solid checkpoint and now I am journeying into the unknown, once again. Despite the strangeness I feel this year, I am still deeply, deeply thankful.

Anyway, here is a list of some things I am thankful for. Definitely not comprehensive, but certainly thoughtful:

1. The process. The journey. The time between.
2. The scary opportunities, where briefly, we get to be brave.
3. The relationships I have, young and old. The people I get to live next to.
4. The cycle of life and death and rebirth.
5. The solidity I find at my core. The strength behind my soft spirit.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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  1. This is a beautiful post, Rachel. I love how you’ve opened your heart and been honest about what you’ve been feeling, and how you’ve reflected on years past, too. And your thankfulnesses? Wow. They’re stunning, something one can draw so much from, even as just an observer. They apply to us all, encourage us to do and appreciate the same. I thank you for that.

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