Funemployment Files | 01



T-Minus 1 week until my last day at work, after which I will be officially joining the ranks of the unemployed. I thought it might be interesting to see this journey as it unfolds for anyone else in a similar boat, thusly the #funemploymentfiles. I’m so funny.


I have enough money and help from the boyfriend to sorta make it for a while. Obviously it’s not ideal. Paying health insurance out of pocket is a blow. Not contributing to my retirement is keeping me up at night. Among all the day to day worries with basic finances, I am also having an existential career crisis. I don’t know what I want to do next. I’ve long felt the unfolding of a deep feeling that maybe I don’t want to be a graphic designer. In my current role, I act as a Creative Director and very rarely am hands-on with design and it actually is much more rewarding for me. BUT, Creative Director jobs are hard to come by when you’re 26 and don’t have a stunning portfolio of high-profile client work. I also want to find a job I can stay with for 5+ years. A job where I can grow and where I believe in the company and what I am doing. I know I’m asking for a lot here, but I’m at a point in my life where I am trying to be intentional about the things I do. I don’t want to take some job that I feel only okay about and leave in a year. I want to hold out for the right job. I don’t even know what that is, but I am hoping I will know it when I see it.


I kind of anticipate being unemployed for a while. Maybe it’s a few weeks, maybe it’s the summer. And if it was a while, I’d be okay with it. If it wasn’t, that’s okay too. I’m happy with my situation and I intend to not let my unemployment go to waste. I am preparing to make myself a daily schedule, weekly goals and plenty of routines to keep me focused and working. Here’s my initial brainstorm on some of the things I hope to accomplish during my indefinite period of joblessness:

setup my new home
practice meditation daily
explore denver
get outdoors
fitness, every day
journaling, reading & blogging
refining my goals for the next phase of life
spending time with family/friends
art projects, learning new things


I fully expect to have moments of painful boredom. I expect moments of feeling lost. I also expect to find some freedom. How often in one’s life do they get to be unemployed for the summer with no seriously pressing financial stress? I expect to possibly find a part-time gig. I also expect life to be vastly different from my expectations. Isn’t that sorta how it always goes?

My next step is to start putting together a daily routine that I’d like to try and adhere to. No sleeping in (okay maybe a little sleeping in) for this woman. I also want to make a more specific list of goals for myself and further my exploration of what my dream job would be.



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  1. Currently in my first week of funemployment myself after getting laid off on Thursday, so I know how this all feels. Seriously, I was just about to write this post myself.. Good luck, but I’m sure you will do plenty of amazing things without it!

    1. NOOOOOO that’s awful! I am so sorry. :( Being unexpectedly let go is such a difficult thing. Good luck darling. I think the universe is opening new doors for you. <3

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