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holiday cheer

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We put a lot of pressure on ourselves during the holidays. Everything has to be just so and all of our hurts are magnified at this time of year. I always find myself mourning people I miss, or getting stressed about money and scheduling – even when I try to just enjoy the spirit of it all, it’s so hard. Every year that passes though, I get a little better at just letting go and allowing my heart to just be warm with the joy of the season. This year has been a rough one for me to get into the spirit. Leaving my home and moving across country the day after Christmas has me feeling a little stressed to say the least. I’ve been sleeping on my couch by my Christmas tree because I am fairly sure that Christmas trees have mystical vibes that make everything okay and who couldn’t use a little more of that when they wake up?

Here are my tips for turning up the cheer during the holidays, should you find yourself feeling a little blue.

1. Setup the tree
I’m serious. I was telling my friends I set my tree up, despite moving and they were so confused. It’s the best way to get in the spirit. Listen to a record, string the lights around the tree and spend the evening sitting by its glow.

2. Turn up the tunes
My favorite holiday albums are here, here and here. I have the first one on vinyl and it’s spinning non-stop in my home.

3. Have a drink
Personally a huge fan of Cranberry Apple Sangria, Smoky Scotch and Cider and Cherry Sake Cocktails. Or you could just nab a bottle of peppermint schnapps and pour a bit in your cocoa. Heh.

4. Don’t skip the decor
I’m a personal fan of setting up your home for the types of moods you want to cultivate. I grabbed some pine scented incense and bought a bunch of white candles from the thrift store this week. It’s subtle but just the right ambiance for cozy feels. If you’re in need of some serious forest smells, I also grabbed this candle and it’s perfect for the season.

5. Bake something
Baking cures all the blues, always. For me it does anyway. My favorite holiday treat (that everyone else loves too) is marshmallow fudge. Simple and nummy.

6. Find yourself an ugly sweater
And wear it. Who gives a fuck anyway.

7. Holiday Markets
In Denver we have the Holiday Flea, the Georgetown Market (I swear it’s where Christmas was invented) and the Krampus Market, but most cities have shops and markets.

8. Watch the holiday episodes on TV
Personal favs of mine: Friends & The New Girl.

9. Have one of those frou frou lattes
Treat yoself, have a gingerbread whatever or eggnog yummy-yum from Starbucks.

10. Go to at least one holiday party
Okay this one can be really hard if you’re down in bummertown, but sometimes it really does help to get out and be around people.

11. Capture some holiday-themed instagrams
Maybe going on photo walks only makes me happy, but if you haven’t tried it, you should. Walk through your neighborhood and find a pretty wreath to take a photo of.

12. Do a craft
Like make some mini Christmas trees, or a pretty minimal wreath, or orange cinnamon garland.

13. Roam the Target christmas aisles
This is exactly how I got myself started on the Christmas cheer this year. Just go look at all the pretty things.

14. Go for a drive at night and scout out local christmas lights
My family always did this when I was growing up. We’d drink hot cocoa and go look at all the lights together. Swoony.

15. Go to the ballet
Nutcracker. ’nuff said.

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