A hard month


all the feels

Sometimes shit is super rough and it’s hard to find all the words and communicate openly, especially on the Internet (so bear with me here).

My life has been changing a lot recently. There have been hurdles. There have been distances and really quiet empty moments. A lot of endings in the past 5 weeks. There have also been some brilliant shiny new moments and some really awkward ones and some that just were. I feel like I’ve experienced the full spectrum of emotional capacity lately.

Reflectively, I suppose the purpose of this post is just to say, I’m still here, shit’s been rough, but this blog is such a sacred and important piece of my life and I’m not going to disappear permanently. We just need to take the space and breaks we need sometimes.

I’ll be back soon.


4 comments on “A hard month”

  1. Sending lots of love your way, Rachel.

    I’m going through a particularly frustration-and-deflation-led time at the mo, and can empathise with your rough patch. If you ever fancy chatting things out, please do get in contact, my friend. I’m always happy to lend an ear. I do hope, from here on out, things start to look a little brighter for you – that the path becomes clearer, smoother, and with less bumps to navigate <3 xx

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