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best fitness apps

Before I found the Kayla Itsines guide, I relied on fitness classes and apps on my phone to learn about workouts. Classes quickly became something I couldn’t afford (I still can’t, how do people do that?), so apps became my go-to. Not to mention I was traveling for half of the year the past few years so working out needed to be mobile. In that time I found a great arsenal of fitness apps for all kinds of workout/training.

Run 5k
This was my very first fitness app. Once upon a time, before my original blog got deleted, my first goal on this blog was to run every day for 30 days. I hated running prior to that month so I needed a little help on learning how to run and this app saved my heiny. This app helps you get the the point where you can run straight through a full 5k. You run in intervals taking breaks and the app tells you when to start and stop running. It was such a great app to start out and I still use it when I take breaks from running. You can find ones for longer distances too.

If you want to try out running at any level, I highly recommend this app, which uses GPS to map your runs and keeps track of the total miles you’ve run. I can’t even tell you how cool it is to look down and realize that in a month you’ve run 70 miles. Incredible. You can use it at the same time as the Run 5k app as well!

My Fitness Pal
Sooo, remember how my goal for this month is all about nutrition? This is the app that I use to track my health. It’s an incredible tool. I track my exercises, all of my nutrition (meal accountability is a real struggle) and even my water intake. It’s great to share these things with friends, as well as look back on them later. One of my favorite features is that you track your weight on a graph as well. It nice to see where I’ve done really good with my weight and where I really haven’t. Lots of getting real with yourself in this app.

This app is pretty amazing, although I haven’t used it a ton. After my current routine ends (in FIVE months, it’s going to be a while) I want to try out this app to really focus on specific areas of toning my body. Pump Up is one part community and one part exercise planner. I think men who are interested in the Kayla Itsines type of plan (Kayla is not recommended for men) should start here. You can make workouts based off your goals (losing weight, toning, muscle or inner-body health), then choose if you’re working out from home or the gym and then it even lets you select what types of equipment you have available to you and the duration you’ll be working out. Bad. Ass. I love that like the Bikini Body Guide, it works out different muscles groups on different days. Another neat feature is that it gives you little tips about gear and workouts while you wait for exercises to load. You can post photos of your workout in the app like a fitness based instagram type of network. Very neat.

Strong Lifts
If you’re into lifting (i am), this app is nice and simple and good for you. It gives you some daily lifts and lets you manually check off each set you do, which I find incredibly satisfying. When I was doing a really intense lifting program last summer, one of the most obnoxious things I had to do was write down how many lifts/sets I did and at what weight in my phone so I could track my progress. It got cluttered and annoying really fast. This app helps you track in a nice clean way. Definitely worth checking out if you need a new lifting routine or if you want to track your current one.

Gorilla Workout
Another app I’m really fond of. In the past year a ton of apps like this have popped up in the Apple store, but this was the first one that really got me. No equipment needed (which was a requisite of someone who lived out of hotel rooms) and the workouts are quite short (also helpful when traveling). I think for me, this app was a great way to learn about body weight exercises and start my fitness journey, although now I usual

Ninja Fitness
Okay I’ve never actually used this app, but my boyfriend loves it. You basically go through “ninja training” to get your workouts in. You will do training in 4 areas to up your belt color: Strength, Agility, Endurance and Zen. I love the concept of “leveling up” and making your workouts into a game of sorts. Definitely good motivation if you’re the kind of person who needs challenge and instant reward. Another one I recommend if you’re just starting off in your fitness journey. I’m also a big fan of the “zen” or meditation component of the app. Other fitness apps out there could take notes in this respect.

Nike Training
This falls in the category of apps I’ve used a little and would like to use more. This app plans your workouts for you and they seem to be really legitimately good workouts. I put it down a year ago when it required too much equipment for me to do the workouts in my hotel, but I would love to pick it up again and give it a whirl after I finish my current program. A hot point of contention in the reviews was that the workouts were all performed by women (you get a little photo and video of each exercise you’re doing) and it seemed to really piss a lot of men off that they had to watch a woman perform the workout moves. All the more reason to use this app in my mind. Plus it’s a great advertisement for Nike’s sexiest gear, I just sit looking at all the trainers in their amazing pants and shoes. Lust.

I just found this app while compiling this list and it strongly piqued my interest. Although I’ve never used it, the reviews are outstanding and it seems like the real deal when it comes to women’s fitness. I’m eager to try this program and see if it lives up to all the hype it gets across the web. Anyone else every try it? “Train like a beast, look like a beauty.”

What are your fav fitness apps?

On a side note, I weighed in today and have officially dropped almost 5 lbs and I took some progress photos and my work is really showing already!!! After 5 weeks I can see a much flatter belly and some slimmed down arms. My legs still looks the same, but that’s where my body holds the most stubborn fats. Can’t wait to see what my photos look like after 8 weeks of #bbg. If you’re doing the program, what I’ve noticed is that no one really seems to see results until after week 4. You’ll feel stronger after week 2, but when you look in the mirror it’s easy to get discouraged. Well don’t be. It WILL happen! Especially if you lock in on that diet like I have this week. Good luck!

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