2014 in review


2014 in review

Oh how I do love a fresh start. 2014 was such an interesting year for me. I came into the year with some reasonable expectations of myself (the first being to be a lot less hard on myself) and I’m happy to report that in 2014, I spent a lot of time working toward goals and achieved so much. Looking back at my goals for the year, I definitely made great progress in every thing I listed, but the truly amazing thing is how much progress I made in other areas as well.

Here’s a little visual compilation of some of the experiences I had over the past year. I hope everyone had a great New Year’s celebration and is as excited for the clean slate of January as I am!

2014 winter

We started off 2014 with a bunch of travel for Jeff’s job. I was lucky enough to be able to tag along for a little more than a month. We spent a few weeks in NYC, right during the polar vortex. It was freezing, but arctic temperatures didn’t stop me from exploring the city. We also bopped around to Park City, Utah and Los Angeles. Snow, sun and lots of relaxing. In the brief periods that I was home, I snuggled my Snoopy dog and spent some time with friends. We closed down the winter by exploring Austin during SXSW and came home for a friend’s wedding.

2014 spring

Spring was also a pretty big whirlwind of travel and exploration. I rode a tour bus through Illinois, Louisville and the south and stayed in Nashville for a few weeks while Jeff had rehearsals. Nashville in the spring is beautiful. Big blossoms on the trees, sweet scents in the air and hotdog and icecream stands in abundance. I was so thankful to be able to travel and see Jeff, but all of the travel put a huge pressure on my freelance work and I had to really discipline myself into focusing on work.

summer 2014

To be totally honest, summer was full of a lot of ups and downs. I had to say goodbye to Jeff for over a month, but then was lucky enough to spend 5 weeks traveling, staying with friends and following him around. I definitely had my full share of adventure and continued my quest to travel abroad at least once every year, with two separate trips to Canada. At the end of summer, I came home and spent another 5 weeks without Jeff and with relatively no work. To keep from being too depressed, I spent a lot of time hiking in the mountains with my dogs and trying to find my peace in nature.


Fall was such a pivotal time of the year for me. With an impending 6 week trip to Europe for Jeff, I had a lot of anxiety about spending so much time alone (no money, no socializing), but in a strange twist of events, I landed a timely and amazing job at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. So with Jeff gone, I spent October working long hours and enjoying getting to throw myself into improving my design skills and aesthetic. The holidays were cozy and calm and I spent a lot of time on the couch watching TV and relaxing with my puppies.

Stay tuned to hear about my 2015 goals + plans!

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