Happy New Year! Boy am I glad to have a new beginning ahead of me. I love the fresh start. Isn’t it strange that something as simple as a new day can be a clean slate?

I spent New Years Eve with some new friends, in a new city. It was brilliant and sweet and just what I needed. I hung out at the New Year’s Eve show on Broadway, stayed up until midnight and then went back to my hotel and crashed. The best part? Waking up without a hangover.

I’ve been thinking about resolutions a lot and like I stated before, I want to focus on well, not focusing as much this year. I want simplicity and peace. I’ve spent the past four years rolling at lightspeed and would like to just get my life back in order. The first business item? Finances. I need to get on my feet and get rid of my debt.

Second on the menu? Mental health. It’s hard to admit, but I haven’t spent enough time focusing on my health. This year I’m going to make sure I am okay and happy and build some foundations for the rest of life.

Dessert? Same as always. If I can achieve the rest of my goals, I want to become physically healthy. It’s time. I don’t need to do anything crazy, just to feel better.

Keep it simple, 2013.

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