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2013 was a doozy. It was one of the hardest years of my life, but I think I learned more about myself this year than the rest of my years combined. My goals for this year were simple – enjoy life, take it easy and get healthy. I did an okay job. So much of this year was spent dealing with things out of my control and just trying to make it through the day-to-day. I lost my job, became a freelancer, spent a good deal of time traveling to see my boyfriend and somewhere along the way I managed to start therapy and try out veganism for a good while.

I’m just so happy that it’s a new year with new goals, even though I feel a little less ready than I’d hoped I would. This year I have one big goal for each month:

1. Improve Diet
I am going back to a plant based diet like I was on last year. Technically it’s a pescatarian diet because sometimes I eat fish, but I want to try and avoid meat except for little splurges and try and get most dairy and oil out of my diet again too.

2. Read More
I think I read… five books in 2013. Five. That’s pretty sad, honestly. This year I want to try and read at least one book per month.

3. Clean House
I’ve been getting rid of clothing and items from my home like a mad woman lately and I’d like to keep it up. I still own the Twilight Books. I mean. No. Stuff has got to go. Clothes, books, dishes, magazines, trinkets, DVDs, all of it. Just GOOOOO.

4. Write
So I’ve been meaning to write my novel for a while now and 2014 is the year. That’s right, I’m writing a book. My whole book.

5. Work Out
Duh. What would a list of resolutions be if I didn’t try and get my large ass moving? Sigh.

6. Get On My Feet Financially
This one is going to take a lot because running my own business is off to a slow start. I need to grow my business and income and pay off my debts.

The rest of my goals are going to come soon, but I want to focus on these ones first. How was your 2013 in review – did you have a good year or a hard one? What are you guys planning on doing in the new year?

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