Goal | 006


goal of the month: back on track

March was a really weird month for me and I can’t say that April is off to a more clever start. I’ve been simultaneously slammed with work and burnt the heck out. Not a great combo.

April is my month to bounce back though. It’s so funny because I made this list of goals in January and haven’t done a damn thing on that list. 2014 has been all about surviving, growing (slowly) and being kind to myself.

Some things I want to do in April are get back into healthy eating gradually, blog more, knock some work out of the way, center myself physically with a simple workout routine and clean myself and my spaces up. A lot of reorganizing things that have gone astray. To help myself, I am going to create some good daily routines (morning, noon and night) to add some checks and balances and make sure that I am accomplishing what I need to be. I also want to utilize some calendars for things like blogging and work. Lastly, I am going to start some serious spring cleaning in my home and dump out all my junk foods and spruce up my whole space to get things back in order and keep myself moving forward!

How do you guys stay on track? I could use some ideas if you have them…


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