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Peanut Island Water Taxi

I’ve been thinking about my adventures in the past two years a lot lately. It’s an interesting realization that I’ve basically only traveled alone or with strangers in the past few years. Well, mostly. I’ve traveled with my boyfriend a lot, but when we travel it’s always for his job and when we get where we’re going, I’m typically completely solo except for an occasional dinner together. This kind of travel used to really stress me out, but now that I’m not doing it as much I find myself missing it sometimes.

I had to be really brave to just set out by myself and do things like take a water taxi to an island off the coast of Florida for the day. I had to get a lot of nerve to travel to Europe by myself and take trains, planes and boats all alone for 3 weeks. I definitely had to push myself to spend a month in Peru with a handful of complete strangers too.

The more I reminisce on these times, the more proud I am of myself for leaving my comfort zone and just going with the flow. I’m so grateful for the random times I’ve had and for the boldness that seems to come to me only during travel…

Peanut Island Water Taxi

Peanut Island Water Taxi

When I decided to get out of my hotel during a short trip to Florida last year and take a “water taxi” to a little place called Peanut Island, I didn’t know what to expect. I found this strange website with some vague directions off Yelp on how to find my taxi boat and just went for it.

Taking a water taxi was… just awesome. When I got to my dock, I found an ATM and a bar and decided to sit down and have a little drink so I could work up the will to go talk to the Captain of the boat and set out on my day-journey. Two gin and tonics later, I found Captain Joe (I recognized him from the website) and thanks to my liquid (gin) courage (buzz), I hopped on board and the two of us set out for Peanut Island.

Peanut Island Water Taxi

Captain Joe was a pretty neat fellow, who gave me lots of history on Peanut Island and tourism there. My roundtrip taxi ride only cost me $10 and I had a few different timing options, which was convenient. I took a second taxi from Peanut Island over to another nearby island for lunch and had to pay a bit more to a different service, which was definitely worth it.

Peanut Island Water Taxi

If you ever find yourself in Palm Beach (or West Palm Beach), I definitely recommend finding Captain Joe’s water taxi and hopping over to Peanut Island for a day. What kinds of bold travel experiences do you guys have? Have you ever traveled alone?


Peanut Island Water Taxi

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  1. Lady, what a fantastic tale! And Peanut Island?! What a fabulous name! Sounds like quite the little adventure – I’ve never ventured anywhere alone so I’m always in awe of people who do, especially big travels like those you mentioned around Europe. You’ve got some passion and determination, of that I can tell.

    Oh, and these photies are blummin’ gorgeous, too! *swoon*

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