SF in Instagram


sf in instagram

Last week I went on a quick little road trip to San Francisco with my guy so he could practice with one of the bands he’s in and play a show in Tahoe over the weekend. It was an incredibly cathartic trip that couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. To say that things have been rough would be an understatement, but sometimes all you need is an 18 hour drive, some shoddy hotels and the ocean breeze with the one you love to help you gain some perspective.

This was my second time in the city of amazing typography, amazing food, amazing art and of course, amazing culture. I ended up having to work for a good deal of the trip, but I made a point to get out for a few hours each day and soak up some of the rhythmic beat of the city. There are vibrant colors sprinkled across every street in San Francisco. Light whites and deep dark blacks add contrast to the yellows, greens and reds of the buildings, cars, clothing and treasures.

More on food, goth festivals, scary skeletons outside Subway and finding peace with the path you’re on to come soon.

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