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I think SMoCA is the second contemporary art museum I’ve ever been in. Unless you count MoMa as a contemporary art museum, then it’s the third. Did you know there are different types of contemporary art museums? Some of them are MoCAs and some are MCA’s. I work at an MCA: MCA Denver to be precise. If you live in Colorado you probably have heard BMoCA, or Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. The MoCA’s are much more common. I only know of MCA Denver and MCA Chicago. I honestly don’t know what the difference is between the two naming systems, but I am going to find out next week, I promise.


So I pulled a total n00b move and went to SMoCA with my grandparents without checking to see if it was open. In fact, I’ll turn that into a pro-tip: always call small museums before you go to them. They close a lot for install. Anyway, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art only had one exhibition open. It was sorta strange and interpretive. If it had been paired up with some other exhibitions with more substance I could see it being a nice addition, but as a standalone exhibition, it was a little lackluster. BUT IT’S MY BAD. I don’t judge the museum for being closed. In fact it was really nice that they kept one exhibition open for us to see.

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  1. I honestly couldn’t work out what MCA stood for AGES, even with the words staring me in the face! Check you out with all your museum going, definitely something I need to do next in this new city of mine :)

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