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Okay, so I feel really guilty that I haven’t posted anything about Louisville in my travel section since I have been living here, but truthfully, I’ve been back in one of my dark holes of not wanting to do much of anything. Winter has that effect on me. And um, now I am moving back home after 6 months here. I’ll expand on that some other time.

Anyway, let it be known that Louisville, KY has the single best food scene of any city I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to a lot of cities with exceptional food. The bakeries here are no exception! I’ve fallen in love with the excellent pastries you can find all across the city, it actually seems a bit unfair. I can’t say there are many bakeries in Denver that I am in love with. Maybe it’s The South, maybe there’s just something in the air here.

Scarlet’s bakery. It’s so cute, so quaint and so damned yummy.



The bakery is located in the Shelby Park neighborhood in Louie, really close to my work. It’s in what some people might say is a more “rough side” of town. The neighborhood is old. The building they’re in is more than 100 years old, in fact. Their recipes have apparently been passed down from their families and refined to perfection (still not sure if there’s something in the air here that makes food taste better). Perhaps the best part about Scarlet’s Bakery is their passion for the community. They employ at risk women and give them a second chance on a new career path.


If you make it in, try one of their cinnamon rolls or a cupcake. I swear their frosting on the red velvet is the best I’ve ever had. They serve coffee and a few iconic Louisville lunch items as well (hot brown!). Their coffee is pretty dang good too!

Check out Scarlet’s Bakery on Yelp.

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