Road Trip Fever


Road Trip Fever

Sandals on the floor of the car, pulling over to snap a photo with the most picturesque cactus, chip bags blowing around the backseat, playlists consisting of ’90s anthems + hip hop jams, wind blown hair, night-time diner stops, exploring the small towns of America… I think I have the road trip fever.

I went one one by myself through southern Colorado last summer and one with my boyfriend across the country to San Francisco/Tahoe and I’m already yearning to get back on the road again! This year I have a feeling that I will head out on a road trip or two to visit my boyfriend while he’s on tour across America.

I’m recruiting friends to join me and already looking at the best dates to go *squeal*. We have options along the west coast all the way through Canada and then some in the south down to Florida or a handful across the midwest too.

Planning a road trip (or two!) is keeping me from getting too sad about Jeff leaving for the whole summer again and giving me something to look forward to. Cheers to the bright side!

Anyone else planning any road trips for this year?!


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