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…and I was home for five days and am already jetting off again. This time the boyfriend and I are headed off to New York City for two weeks. He has to work and I have some meetings out there, so per the usual I am hitching a ride in his suitcase and following along.

I don’t get excited for travel. I’m serious, I never do. It never seems real until I’m sitting on the plane and then and only then, do I get excited. The days leading up to travel are always so busy and blurry and stressful that I barely think about it, but this time I decided to make a little list of my plane essentials. I almost always travel light, with only a carry-on bag and a personal bag and I make sure to have my usual suspects close at hand for plan rides.

Have you ever seen women in the airport wearing heels? I have. A lot. Two high-fives over the top to you ladies, one big face palm to me. I cannot travel in heels. I cannot travel in nice clothes, period. I slip on sneakers, a baggy t-shirt, a beanie and a cozy cardigan. I’m basically prepped for a nap like a toddler when I fly. I might throw a fit like one too if I forget my headphones. UGH. I hope everyone else brings headphones so they can drown out my toddleresque whimpering.

It’s taken me a few years to figure out that I’m also not okay with airport snacks. Okay, actually I’m really okay with airport snacks (hello, dunkin) when I shouldn’t be and have started carrying Kind bars in my bag with me so I don’t go into glucose shock after chugging 13 coffees and eating at least three donuts and a bag of peanut M&Ms. One kind bar. That’s all I get in my plane essentials. My boyfriend always brings headphone splitters so we can romantically listen to the same music, slash be dirty cheapskates and only pay for one movie and both listen to it. We keep it real.

Also, have you guys heard of plane stink? Probably not because I just made it up, but you’re the first to know. Plane stink is what happens when you combine 200 different people who all ate different lunches and suffer from various gastrointestinal maladies. Yeah. You know what I’m talking about… plane stink. Anyway, like the nuns of the late middle ages during the Black Death, I like to carry some rose scented stuff to rub ALLOVER my damn face/hands/chest/the face of my boyfriend every time I sense some plane stink perpetration. Sick, but you know.

What do you guys carry in your plane essentials? I’m always looking for new ways to ensure that my bag is too large and gets checked at the gate, so spill the beans!

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