Pergamon Museum


pergamon museum

I don’t like museums, mostly. I don’t like how big they are. I don’t like that they are just full of information that I probably won’t ever remember. I don’t like just looking at things, uninvolved. Museums are in short… boring to me.

At least they were, until I started toting my camera around and all of a sudden, museums became huge exploratoriums full of shapes and art and photographs waiting to be taken! Now I have a small love for museums and will actively seek out the best ones. If I’m being totally honest, I also like saying that I have been to museums more than I like being at museums.

“OH! You went to Paris… Did you go to the Louvre?!”
“Why yes, yes I did.”

I am so intelligent and art-aware and historically inclined. Hah.

pergamon museum

pergamon museum

I really did love the Pergamon Museum in Berlin though. It’s located on “Museum Island,” a little corner of the city that houses several of Germany’s finest museums. The Pergamon was my favorite of the bunch because it was so bright and there were bone colored sculptures everywhere and felt like I might have just stepped into Greece. So lovely.

pergamon museum

pergamon museum

My favorite part of the museum is that is has a life-size reconstruction of the Pergamon Altar. It’s freaking huge. You walk up flights of beautiful stairs (the greeks had bangin’ thighs, yo) and can look at the engravings showing a battle between giants and the Greek gods. When I got to the top of the stairs, I just sat for a while and listened to the hundreds of voices echoing through the huge room and thought “Right now I am in Berlin by myself, in a museum that is home to some incredible history.”

It was pretty cool.

pergamon museum

They were very kind in this museum and let me take photos. If you come to Museum Island, pack yourself a little lunch before setting out because it’s an all-day affair and walking to restaurants requires leaving the island. I also recommend bringing camera gear with a wide lens to capture the sweeping aspect of the Pergamon Museum. You can also buy a ticket for a little more than 20 euro that will get you access to most of the museums. Just do it, it’s so worth it.

Check out more about the Pergamon Museum here.

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  1. I like museums okay. I’m not one to spend hours in them though. I really like the colours in the 3rd photo from the top. Probably my favourite colours :

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