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park city

I spent last weekend in Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. It was only my second or third time in Utah and my first time at the festival. Utah has not been a place I have ever really wanted to visit much. Maybe it’s just Salt Lake. My first time in that city was cold and miserable so I’ve always had this negative feeling about it. Park City, however is quite beautiful.

I guess I’ll start off by talking about the festival and getting it out of the way. If you don’t have a film in the festival, don’t go. I went with Jeff since his band was playing a private show and honestly this is the only way I would ever go again. It’s insanely expensive. I’m talking dropping more than a hundred for every meal. The restaurants all have “Sundance” menus they put out for the festival. Prepare yourself for $20 bloody mary’s. Ouch.

We had a few really good experiences with really kind people and a few not so lovely experiences with some not so kind people. It’s just a playground for people with money.

park city

Park City itself, outside of Sundance, is gorgeous. The mountains are lower than Colorado mountains and allow for a good deal of sunshine. I would love nothing more than to come back to Park City in the summer and explore the trails in search of the famed elk that all the locals talked about.

We got to stay in the Deer Valley ski resort. It was pretty nice. We rented a condo that came with a private hot tub on the balcony, a full kitchen, fireplace and a jacuzzi bathtub. I found it difficult to leave the room to join the masses of well dressed film yuppies.

park city

I’m glad we got out and walked around a little bit though, as there is so pretty decent shopping in the area (jiberish for men and flight boutique for women), I left with a lovely new poncho I grabbed at a great price from Flight.

Everything is scenic in the town – from open fires on the corners, to cobbled streets, Park City is probably what foreigners dream of when they think of American west mountain towns (presuming they think of such things).

Don’t bring your snowboard if you stay in Deer Valley though, it’s a skiing only mountain. Did I mention the Funicular?

park city

If you find yourself in Park City, save your money for a fancy breakfast at the St. Regis. The J&G Grill was pretty pricy but oh so divine. I had the Everything Pizza with Cambridge smoked salmon and dill cream cheese. The first bite felt like God sent all his favorite cherubs down to pick me up and carry me around the whole restaurant while singing sweetly to me. It only got more sensual and borderline rated R from that bite to the last. Get it. They also have the best bloody mary’s I’ve ever tried. I highly recommend them.

A few other recommendations include the High West Distillery and Bangkok Thai.

jeff linsenmaier

The best part of the trip though, was hanging out with this guy! We had a much needed fun and relaxing weekend to start out the new year with!

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