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I spent New Years Eve in Nashville, TN this year. It was my first introduction to “The South” and I loved it. I’ve never really thought I would like that part of America. It’s got a strange reputation in my mind and I had no idea what to expect. It’s no lie though, people in the south are so much nicer than anywhere else! Everyone loves to chat and is genuinely concerned about you. It was a little disarming to have one particular gentleman at the Vanderbilt football game wait on me. If a man in Colorado did that, I would definitely perceive him as being too friendly if you know what I mean. But this chap was just being sweet!

And the food. Oh the food. It was delicious. I definitely gained a couple pounds, but it was so worth it. If you’re not a fan of country music on some basic level, you might not get along so well, since Nashville is “Music City,” but really it’s more accurately country music city. I enjoyed it, even not being a major country music fan.

Nashville is also surrounded by gorgeous greenery. I spent two afternoons just exploring the woods and enjoying the soft dewy rain that sprinkled most of the time I was there. We have plenty of woods in Colorado, but nothing quite as lush and delicate as the ones I found in Tennessee. It felt magical.

I mentioned it above, but I was properly acquainted to Nashville by being able to attend the Vanderbilt University game – such an awesome experience. I also went to a dueling piano bar, where I was serenaded by Tupac and Coolio sung by Southern gents on the piano. The best part though? Going to a karaoke bar in the shady side of town. The bar was, no joke, housed in a double wide trailer. Cash bar with beer and daiquiris only. It was every bit as special as it sounds.

Here’s a list of a few of the places I really loved in Nashville:

Nashville City Guide

Pancake Pantry
– Don’t go on the weekend. Even on a Monday I waited in a line for an hour. Yes in a line, wrapped around outside.
– I don’t care what you order, just make sure you get one of their plain pancakes in there. I’ve tasted many a pancake and none like this…

– It doesn’t look like anything too special, but don’t be fooled. Their menu is great and they have an amazing beer list. I’m talking Colorado beers that even Colorado bars don’t carry. So good.

Oak Bar
– Located in The Hermitage Hotel, next to a famous steak restaurant is this exquisitely restored little bar. Top notch service, but pricy.

– A must see if you’re staying in downtown or find yourself wandering Music Row. A historical old bar that claims to be the home of country music. There are nightly bands with an in-house rockabilly act that won’t let you down.

The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar
– They played Tupac on a piano. That’s all you need to know.

Merchant’s Restaurant
– I actually ate here twice, once on the first floor once on the second. I loved them both equally.

Santa’s Pub
– Aforementioned karaoke bar, located in a double-wide trailer.
– Cash bar, don’t ask for liquor, it’s a beer only joint.
– Perhaps my favorite place of the trip! Truly unique experience…

Shelby Street Bridge
– A beautiful pedestrian bridge that offers an excellent view of downtown Nashville.

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