Los Angeles City Guide

In all the times I have been to Los Angeles, I have come up with one main conclusion, LA is not like New York, where you’re either a “new york person,” or you’re not. I think LA is the kind of place that has something for everyone. It’s a strange middle ground between urban and suburban, between beach and desert, between glam and grunge. If you are alive, there is something for you in Los Angeles. I guess if you don’t like good food, bad food, hospitals for no food, the beach, the desert, the mountains, the city, the wine country to the north or lakes or oceans or a consistently perfect range of weather, LA might not be for you. (But come on).

Malibu LA

The city of Los Angeles is sprawling (see: must have car) and each area has something different to offer. Malibu, a coastal area of LA, holds a truly special place in my heart. A few summers ago, my friend Dan and I took a road trip to Malibu so we could see the ocean. We walked down El Matador beach and perched on the giant rocks jutting out of the ocean and howled to the sea. Last year on a brief trip to the city, I spent a day soaking in the sun on the pier, riding rides at the little amusement park. This year in Malibu tradition, Kassia and I drove our way down the coast, winding in and out of ultra posh neighborhoods. Kassia pulled her car over several times just so we could both jump out and teeter on the edges of cliffs, snapping pictures.

Malibu Coast

I’m going to interrupt Malibu to tell you a little about Kassia real quick. First off, we’d never actually hung out before my trip to LA. We were social media pals who knew a ton of people in common and it’s certainly safe to say that we’d spent our fair share of time lusting over one another’s instagram feeds. Kassia and I are just kindred spirits. You know when you meet people and you immediately feel like you could have been friends for years instead of just being introduced? We talked about everything, all day. I feel so blessed to have spent some small measure of time with such a lovely human.

Malibu drive

The great thing about Malibu is that it almost doesn’t feel real. Huge houses, seaside views, pristine beaches, expensive restaurants. You can just stop by and be a part of some beautifully surreal existence for a little while and then scurry on your way. While you’re around, check out the Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market and Patio Cafe. You can eat fish with your toes in the sand under your table. Talk about magical…

Malibu drive

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