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While I’m still in the City of Angels, I thought I’d put together a quick Los Angeles field guide on things to do in LA. This guide is by no means comprehensive – I have done much more than I listed here in a few short days and I have barely even made the tiniest dent into what there is to do in this crazy city.

It’s gorgeous this time of year. Really, the best time to visit LA. It’s been 75 degrees all week, with the occasional foggy morning and dewy evening. While I have had to work a normal schedule for most of the trip, I’ve enjoyed getting out, seeing friends and experiencing a city that truly lives up to its hype. Hope you’re ready for some total photo spamming later this week. I took a ton of Instagram photos of the Santa Monica pier, hehe.

Have you guys ever been to LA? What are some of your favorite spots? In my last of three posts, I’m going to make a quick list of honorable mentions from this trip and would love to add yours!

Now that this trip is wrapping up, I’m starting to plan the next few. So excited for a road trip to Moab with Meg in a few weeks! Speaking of Moab, have you guys seen my friend Brianna’s awesome guide for what to pack for a weekend in the desert? Check it out. Such a nifty guide for my upcoming trip! Did I mention I’m going to Europe for the first time ever in a little over a month?! YEP THAT’S HAPPENING. Well hopefully – buying my ticket in the next few days. I’ll be exploring Germany, Amsterdam and Paris! Send any suggestions my way. I might also make it out to Florida soon when my bf plays a show in a few weeks, so I might get a little tan going. Heh.

Stay tuned for part two of the Los Angeles Field Guide, which include accommodations, a packing guide, a playlist and more information about the city!

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