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Las Vegas City Guide

So… Las Vegas. The city of sin, the richest bums you’ll ever meet and one of the most hilariously dangerous and fun places I’ve ever been. Let me preface this post by saying this was my second time to Las Vegas, but my first time over the age of 21, queue trouble. My trip was three days, which was plenty of time and I had a blast.

Las Vegas City Guide

My amazing bosses bought our whole company a trip to Vegas as a gift for an awesome year last year. This was complete with our flights, rooms and of course the Carbon8 party bus (what would a Carbon8 trip be without the party bus…). We also got some spending money and we all (even our significant others) got tickets to a show! I’m a lucky gal to work for such a great company. Talk about incentive to work hard. Thanks Mark and Jeff for everything!

Now for the story, or at least part one. We started our trip on our favorite party bus, complete with mimosas supplied by Abby and Jeff. We made it to the airport with just enough time for a quick tequila shot with Kristi and Joe and then hopped on our plane. Lucky for me, our stewardess chose me to be her assistant when showing the safety guidelines. Needless to say, by the time we got to Vegas, I was in desperate need of food and a nap!

Las Vegas City Guide

I separated my favorite Vegas pieces into different categories, the most obvious of which was the hotels. THE HOTELS. I loved them all so much. On my first trip to Vegas I walked the length of the strip, but I guess it just hasn’t gotten old to me yet. I love the lights, how tall the buildings are and how the hotels seem like a parody of themselves. My favorite lights were those of The Flamingo – a little bit of old Vegas on the strip. I also love the rollercoaster on the New York, New York. We stayed at the MGM Grand in this room. It was amazing, the rooms have been recently renovated and I definitely took advantage of the spa-like bathtub. I’ve always wanted to stay in the Bellagio (can you guess why?), but if I went back I’d definitely stay in either the MGM Grand again or the Venetian or the Cosmopolitan. I went in and explored several of the hotels and those were my favs.

My first time gambling was on this trip! Jeff and I made it ceremonious and went to The Flamingo after some icecream cones. I played the computer blackjack and Wheel of Fortune! I won $20 on my first go. It was awesome and I’m so glad I chose that casino. It might have been my favorite one out of the whole trip.

Las Vegas City Guide

When making a Las Vegas City Guide, you can’t skip the sights. Liz and I hung out for the first day and it was awesome to watch her take in Vegas for the first time. The costumed performers are hilarious and really nice (should you have a dollar handy), there are some of the world’s best marquee signs sprawled up and down the strip and you’ll see the coolest grannies that have ever existed. Really though, there’s no shortage of entertainment if you just look around you.

Go check out the Flaming to gamble, the MGM Grand for a great room at a great price and make sure to save a day (or hungover 3/4 of a day) to walk the strip.

The Flamingo
3555 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

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