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How To Pack For Los Angeles


City Guide Los Angeles

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Packing can be so difficult. I mean just in general, it’s hard to remember which products and items you need every day. The whole anxiety inducing process can be amplified so much when you’re traveling to a place you haven’t been to! My first time traveling on a large scale, out of the country trip was insanely hard to pack for. There are tons of factors such as circumstance, climate, culture, occasion… Do you need to pack a little black dress and hiking boots for a trip to South America? It’s not a bad idea, but how the heck would you know?

I used to write a little article called “Suitcase” over on the Observant Nomad blog and am going to make an extension of my City Guides about packing over here on! I hope to help ease your mind about outfits, cultural items and activity packing.

In Los Angeles, you can encounter any number of styles. There are people of every walk and background roaming the city streets, so be as conservative or outrageous as you like when it comes to clothing. I recommend bringing items that are versatile – that way you can dress them down for walking in Santa Monica and dress them up when you enter Beverly Hills or some of the restaurants in Hollywood. I chose a skirt that’s right in the middle between relaxed and dressy. You can dress it down with a cozy sweater (perfect for that chilly ocean breeze) or spruce it up with a patterned blazer. Bring a black floppy hat to add class to either variation.

Some of my favorite things to pack for Los Angeles included a toy camera and beach blanket. The city is so picturesque, so make sure you have some way of capturing it. I recommend filming the city that’s all about film with this little analogue Lomokino camera.

If you plan on being a beach bum, bring yourself a blanket to lay out on. I also grabbed a travel bottle of tanning lotion and brought my iPad to read a book on. If you have one, bring an iPod in case you end up renting a car – the drives in LA are notoriously long for a reason. Carry all your gear in a cute tote bag. Don’t forget sandals too. The weather is so great for bare toes in April/May. I chose comfy Italian leather sandals with just a slight heel on them in case I ended up some place fancy. I wore them literally the whole trip! Don’t forget to paint your nails either. Everything in LA is beautiful and you’ll want to play the part.

Any questions on how to pack for los angeles? Message me at rachel{at}

Boy voyage!

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