Frankie’s Tiki Room


tiki vegas

frankie's tiki room

tiki old vegas

frankie's tiki room

frankie's vegas

I’ve only recently been introduced to the tiki culture, by Denver’s lovely Adrift bar. My friend Erin, the biggest tiki fan I’ve ever met, also has an annual tiki party, complete with sweet drinks (she does mixology), Hawaiian dresses and throwback tunes.

While in Vegas last month, Erin corralled our whole group into taking a trip into “old Vegas” to check out Frankie’s Tiki Room. The whole bar is decorated in the perfect style; low lit, puffer fish, a Hawaii style jukebox and an awesome machine in the corner that upon insertion of a quarter, tells you your secret vice. My secret vice is apparently drugs… ha! My boyfriend’s is shopping. Both are very unlikely, but hilarious.

If you make it out, try out the Frankie’s classic, the Fink Bomb. It is DELISH!

1712 West Charleston
Las Vegas, NV 89102

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