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Edgar Evins State Park

January 15, 2013 4 comments

edgar evins state park

edgar evins state park

edgar evins state park

edgar evins state park

edgar evins state park

edgar evins state park

I don’t know if anyone else has thought of this, but those of us who were lucky enough to be born in the last century (yes, lucky. the ’90s were awesome no matter what anyone says), have survived at least two apocalypses in the past decade and some.

I mean think about it guys. We’re a wily pack of survivors. Go humanity. We narrowly evaded Y2K, which would have undoubtedly ruined civilizations worldwide. I mean for heaven’s sake. It’s year 2000 and we are smart enough to know that if all the computers in the whole wide world (or was it one central, all powerful machine? idk) shut down on the first minute of the year, it’s going to be a shit show.

People everywhere will be patting their chests and will revert to other caveman like tendencies. Complex language? Gone. Government? Gone too. Grocery stores, cars, all manners of paying for items? All gone. It’s complete chaos out there ladies and gentlemen, thank gosh we all bought tons of water and canned food. Should last us long enough until the hoards of nerd armies are dispatched to come to our houses and businesses and rewire our computers. Phew.

Then year 2012. I don’t even need to go there. Complete disaster. I’ve seen the films about it. Boy are we lucky we survived that crap.

Anyway. None of that has anything to do with the beautiful photos of the even more beautiful Edgar Evins State Park. The park is located an hour our so east of Nashville, located a bit off the highway. We actually stumbled upon the place purely by chance. It was a serious case of “we need to stretch our legs, look for a sign” that brought us to this serene place.

We pulled off the highway and drove until we saw a light blue tower jutting out of the tops of the trees ahead of us. When we pulled up, we found it was some sort of spiral-staircased observatory tower. Both of us leapt out of the car and climbed the tower. The view was amazing, you could see a huge dam in one direction and sprawling woods in the other.

We decided to take a short hike and directly next to the tower, we found a trail that was a quick 2 mile loop. In December, you’ll find leaves sprawled everywhere and dewy mushrooms are growing across every crooked branch. The trees are somewhat dense and not piney at all. It’s breathtaking.

I collected a little box of the trinkets I found in those woods. I’m going to put them in a jar and label it. I can see a new hobby in the future… (hoarders, congratulate me).

I definitely recommend seeing this place. It felt like magic and I won’t soon forget it.

1630 Edgar Evins State Park Rd
Baxter, TN 38544

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Meg January 15, 2013 - 3:29 pm

This looks so magical. So natural. Must have been so refreshing for a stroll.

rachel del grosso January 15, 2013 - 4:35 pm

thanks for coming by my blog rachel with the same name. you’ve definitely got a new follower in me :)

Anni January 15, 2013 - 4:55 pm

Love those photos, and your post. We 90s kids are definitely survivors – I’m pretty sure it was all our kickass movies, if there’s anything I learned from She’s All That, 10 Things, etc, it’s that everyone gets a makeover and gets the guy in the end. ;)

emily -- a denver home companion January 15, 2013 - 9:55 pm

i love your idea of labeling small jars with treasures from trips. all of my shells and sticks and rocks and sand are thrown together and i can’t even remember where they’re from. from now on, no more. thanks for the tip!


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