Amsterdam in Instagram


amsterdam in instagram

The thing about being a photographer is that you don’t necessarily want to take photos all the time. It becomes work. You have to lug around your gear because you’re a photographer and you can’t just opt for some point and shoot camera anymore – you have to bring the big DSLR. It’s expected of you, mostly from yourself. I’m sure have all done it before, or can properly imagine what it’s like, walking on cobblestone streets, a bit tipsy because you’re on vacation, carrying a single bag because you knew you’d be out exploring all day and you see the perfect shot. But you’re tipsy. You’re having fun just looking. You’re busy coming up with excuses about why you deserve to be a tourist and why you shouldn’t have to meter the light at ever beautiful scape that you see. It’s all true.

Sometimes I forget that my first goal in travel is not to capture, but to experience. It can be easy to get your face stuck behind a lens and forget to actually see the world. In comes the iPhone. It pains me to say that I used my little iPhone 5 about 50x more than my DSLR in Europe. It’s great for my Instagram, a bit sad for my portfolio, but I can’t change it now. I captured most of Europe not through my expensive lenses, but through the tiny one attached to my phone.

It’s a personal goal this year to NOT do this. I mean I will still take loads of instagrams, but I really would love to pick up my regular camera a bit more this year… how else will I ever get the dream job of being a travel photographer?!

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