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Mango Peach Smoothie Bowl


mango peach smoothie bowl

New year, new diet, new me. It’s funny, because my diet was my biggest struggle for me when I lived at home in Colorado. I wanted to eat bad, eat a lot, drink all the beer. I had a really hard time sticking to meal prep and leftovers were my nemesis. I mean, the struggle was really real guys. In fact, I was working out like a maniac at this time last year and I just couldn’t get my weight to drop. I was the fittest I’ve ever been but I looked the exact same. Okay I had a little more muscle, but not much. And the problem areas where I carry weight (lower tummy, hips, thighs, calves) just didn’t shrink. I strongly suspected it was my diet, but I was in a relationship where my partner wasn’t exactly on board with my new fitness oriented lifestyle (he was supportive, but beer in the fridge was constant) and I just felt so chaotic in all places of my life.

Fast forward exactly one year later and I have gone up and down in weight, as much as a 15lb difference in one year, but I am down to my lowest weight since HIGHSCHOOL! May of last year, I was my heaviest. I was uncomfortable and pudgy and sad. Not that skinny a happy person makes, but when your jeans don’t zip it can really get you down. This year I moved across the country and despite it being a rather rough move, one majorly positive thing I have done is revamp my routines and my lifestyle, including the way I eat. I very very rarely (1-2 meals a week) eat out and I don’t drink much at all and never on week nights. I have created a simple rotating breakfast schedule where each week I eat 1/3 things. Dinner and lunch rely completely on Sunday and Monday night meal prep, which lasts me through Friday. On Friday night, I treat myself to dinner and drinks out (usually alone, but hey) and Saturday I am back at it with groceries and simple clean meals. I’ll be posting more recipe ideas soon, but here’s my breakfast this week!

mango smoothie bowl

I usually prep my breakfast at night, by slicing the strawberries and putting the optional components into a baggy, because I eat my breakfast at work. I blend everything in the morning, put it into a large mason jar and then when I get to work I arrange it in the bowl. I will say, for some reason, eating a smoothie bowl feels so much more filling than simply drinking a smoothie. Maybe it’s the spoon to mouth movement. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!




– 1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
– 1 Handful Frozen Peaches
– 1 Handful Frozen Mangos
– 1 Medium Orange; Peeled
– 1 Medium Banana; Peeled
– 3 Strawberries; Sliced

– Vanilla Protein Powder
– Dried Coconut
– Hem Hearts

Combine almond milk, peaches, mangos, orange and banana in blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into a bowl and lay sliced strawberries & your choice of optional ingredients on top.

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