Valentine’s Gift Guide | 2013


valentines gift guide

valentine's gift guide for him

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Ah yes, it’s that time of year again. Love is in the bitter cold air, couples are getting engaged, single people are posting exceptionally pessimistic Facebook updates and men and women alike are struggling to find gifts to buy for their significant other.

Oh the expectation. I hear you, ye ol’ complainers. I never know what to buy my honey for Valentine’s Day. I’m known for keeping lists in my phone (for everything), detailing things that my dude likes. I update it all year round. Let me tell you, it makes buying gifts loads easier. I just keep a running list of everything he says he wants.

For the average, un-OCD human, this is just silly though. That is the reason I’ve created these little Valentine’s gift guides for you. Never fear, all of these gifts will get you lots of sweet lovin’ on Cupid Day.

I’m all about the “he-man” guy stuff lately. It was an effort on my end to not suggest buying your dude an ax to accompany that flannel shirt and fishy mug. I must be crushing on a lumberjack or something (wink).

For the ladies, I went ultra-femme with the sort of “relaxing weekend” idea. All the items are focused toward making your lady a little more comfy. Slip off those heels, girl, and slip into some sexy ballet flats, a bath with scented soap or straight into the super soft long-sleeved pj’s. Soon it will be back-to-the-gym time for your girl’s summer body and you can kiss laying on the couch watching basketball in jammies together goodbye. Enjoy it while you can, guy.

valentines gift guide

valentine's gift guide for her

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