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I’ve been at my new job almost a month now, so I think it’s finally safe to post it to the blog! I am officially the Design and Production Manager (a fancy way of saying the only graphic designer in the whole damn place) at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver… and I’m really happy about it.

I gave up both a little and a lot to come here. Freelance was not going so great for me and I will get into that eventually, but I was lonely, broke and feeling a little jaded about graphic design altogether. It was a conundrum though, because as a freelancer I enjoyed so many freedoms that I got used to having and giving those up was a big decision. Ultimately I started weighing my options and all the variables and decided that perhaps it was just time for a change in my life.

In fact, my therapist (triple-dog) dared me to just change something in my life, get a little uncomfortable. And I did. I applied to exactly one job. I really didn’t have much hope for getting it, because after all, there had to be hundreds of applicants and I had just spent 1.5 years learning how to become a visual designer, completely self taught and had very little confidence. I designed my resume, I created a matching cover letter, and I applied to the MCA.

Three interviews (and only 1 super embarrassing foot-in-the-mouth moment) later, I was offered the job. My whole life, yes the whole thing, seems to have changed. I spend my days working long hours, but I have so much hope for my future. I have so much joy in the things I am designing. I feel liberated and enabled and appreciated and like I am contributing to the world.

Plus… you guys can all come visit me at a really cool museum.

Check out the MCA Denver here, here and here.

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