Hello Old Friend



It’s been a while. I’m glad to be here though. Oh so much has happened…

I quit writing because I lost my vision for this blog. I grew and I changed and I didn’t know what to do with this space that was once a dear piece of myself. I kept thinking “what’s the point”. It’s not a well-read blog, it’s not a blog that has much to take-away, it’s just a blog that documents my thoughts and interests and I don’t know where the value is in that.

I wish I could say I’ve regained the vision I once had for this space, but I don’t think I have. What I have realized however, is that I have this terrible tendency to let perfectionism get in the way of my creativity. This blog has always been a very special creative outlet for me. It is the crux of three of my biggest passions: photography, design and writing. It is expressive, which is something I have missed – even if I’m not really expressing myself to anyone on here. It’s nice to just put it out there and occasionally, someone will stumble on my little corner of the internet and leave feedback.

The truth is, I have been having trouble expressing myself online in a lot of ways. First I developed a terrible love/hate relationship with Facebook, that progressed to pretty much just hate. Then I abandoned my blog, the pet project of my whole 20s. Now I find myself posting to Instagram once a week and getting no real gratification from it. I don’t feel creative, engaged or heard when it comes to the internet. I don’t know how to reignite the flame I once had for creativity and expression online, but for some reason I have been thinking about my blog a lot more lately and well… why not just give it another try. Why not let it be organic. If I think of it, I post. If I have something to share, I’ll share it.

Maybe I need to stop trying to achieve perfection and just go back to enjoying this space. Maybe if I create and create and create and share and share and share, maybe I will regain the inspiration I once had… or find something totally new.

If you’re reading this, by some odd chance, have you ever lost your will to create and express yourself? If so, did you get it back? HOW?!?!

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