Summer Vibes

Summer in Denver is what I live for. Glorious, glorious dry heat… Camping… Evening margaritas… Festivals with friends… Hiking with my dog. Perfection. It finally is starting to feel like summer here in Denver, albeit a rather wet one. I also have some excellent plans in the upcoming weeks, that are putting a smile on my face. What are you doing this weekend? I’m going to a show, a taco festival (for real, you just eat tacos) and then hiking with all my favorite people.

F R I D A Y   F A V O R I T E S
– Gay marriage is LEGAL!

– A list of some of Denver’s best lakes.

– The Art Hotel in Denver is now open!

– Have you made your summer bucket list? I’ve been working on mine too!

– What is your color story?

Follow my friend Meg’s adventures in home-brewing beer.

– When one of your favorite bloggers visits your home state!

10 Misconceptions about Saudi Arabia (super interesting!)

– Need your fix? Here’s a list of true crime podcasts.

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  1. Girl, you had me at that list of true crime podcasts (and, of course, I have all the other links open in tabs, too!). Hope you had miles of fun eating tacos and hiking – sounds like a fab weekend!

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