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Confession. My house looks like a really clever college student’s home. It doesn’t look like a young professional who has a paycheck and works in a contemporary art museum. Remember when I said it looks like a random mish-mash of hand-me-downs? Yeah. It really does. I go back and forth on home decoration a lot. Sometimes I really want to act like an adult and give my home the money/attention it deserves, but then I decide to spend my money on things like travel and clothes, and then I invite friends over and wish I cared more and then I think “what if I decided to move abroad and had to get rid of my whole house anyway”. SO. what do I do?

Soft Spirit Strong Blog | Strategically Stacked Books


Image via Modern Findings tumblr

As I am writing this, I am thinking of a solution: get rid of a lot of my shit, and focus on minimalistic form and function. Less IS more. This solution is so smart for me, because I’m intrinsically drawn to a super minimal aesthetic anyway. One of the most difficult things for me to give up is my books. I finally parted with almost all of my college text books (only 3 full years after graduating) and have cleverly hidden my Twilight collection underneath my bed, but the rest of them. How do I get rid of books? I also just keep buying more and more books. I have… plenty. Enough, you might say. I actually really need to go through them again. What a proactive blog post!

This is where the Strategically Stacked Books guide comes in. It took me seriously 5 minutes of scrolling through my “Home” board on Pinterest to find a plethora of examples of strategically stacked books being used in minimal/modern home decor. Thank dog for Pinterest, no?

Soft Spirit Strong | Strategically Stacked Books


Images (left to right) via Brit + Co., Pinterest, Coco Lapine Design and Gravity-Gravity tumblr

From the floor, to stacks on tables; by the bed and by the couch, strategically stacked books are making an appearance in professional-adults-who-give-some-shits homes everywhere, it would appear! I am so very far behind. Never fear though. I am making so many plans. If only I could find a good place to store my bookshelves (they were expensive, sad face) in case the next place I rent has an extra thousand square feet. Renter woes.

I’m thinking I might do some strategically stacked books on the dresser… maybe even some desk ones to hold my lamp. I will fit my books into every damn corner they can fit. I will never have to give them up. I’ve fooled you again, minimalism.

Honestly the hardest part of my book piles will be hiding the fact that this super-nerd reads mainly horrible fantasy books with really ugly (cheetoh-stained) covers. All the books in these pictures look like they belong to the professional adults. One thing at a time, I always say. You can take the girl out of the nerdy-college-era, but you can’t take the nerdy-college-era out of the girl.

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  1. Haha, I scrolled through thinking ‘who owns books like these?!’. I used to be a reader (what a sad, most sorry thing to write) but I haven’t bought any for years, however, the boy has made up for my lack-of by reading, and reading, and reading, which means we currently have two bookshelves (one that is well over 6ft high) overflowing with the things, the result of which is our very own, not-so-strategically placed piles that, to be honest, are an eyesore rather than anything else! I’m pretty sure we’ll never have a home as well put-together as any of these, just a place full of thrown-it-over-there shit!

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