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The Spring Cleaning Guide



My goal this month revolves around breaking up with a lot of my possessions through some good ol’ fashion spring cleaning. If the term “spring cleaning” strike up some strong emotions in you, it’s a good thing. It means you know what a serious chore it can be. Never fear though — I’ve been putting together something that will help guide you through the process of “out with the old” and give you some tips on cleaning up your abode.


My guide is available as a free PDF that you can either check out on your phone or print out and keep around the house this spring. I’ve set it up to guide you through 30 DAYS OF SPRING CLEANING. YAS QUEEN. I’ve broken down a thorough list of items throughout your whole house to inspect, organize or throw away. It’s a day-by-day type of thing, so you only have to do a few things everyday and then voila, clean house/clean mind.

I sincerely hope it helps you, because in all honestly I designed it as a self help thing and then thought, I should pretty this up and give it out. I’m moving in like 2 weeks… or 3… I’m honestly not even sure how long anymore. So I’ll be doing a condensed version of this over the next few weeks (starting tonight oh em gee). I’m feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing, but I’m glad I can break it down into smaller chunks.


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  1. I have printed out your checklist already. Thanks for making it available in PDF. I’ve gathered the best ones from around the net that meet my goals and I’m kind of going through each one to make up my own personalized to-do list this spring. I know it’s only January, but I’m just itching to get my windows open and air this place out already!

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