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Kuu Lamps

Kuu Lamps

Happy Monday, y’all! Ahhh I hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did. I went for a nice little hike, visited the Georgetown Christmas market, made nachos and watched the Broncos game with my bestie and guy. Just so calm and rejuvenating. While looking around for some Monday morning inspiration, I came across these gorgeous Kuu Lamps and felt so many emotions about them. Do you get emotions about lamps? I seriously do. Lighting, it’s such an important thing in my realm.

I love that these lamps give off a glowing light and are made out of a material that’s both structured and cozy. I can’t decide which color lamp I would buy. The thing is though, I don’t buy lamps. I just can’t sink money into things like lamps when I’m still renting a house. It’s silly, because these don’t look like they’d take much installation… maybe after I put in the effort to paint my rented walls, I will put some effort into upgrading my lighting situation.



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